How much do the Chinese love online shopping?

In China, 36% of people shop online at least once a week. Black Friday in the US, Singles’ Day in China – what’s the big difference? Black Friday is an event with 40 years of history under its belt, and it comes on the first Friday after Thanksgiving – just in time for Christmas sales. By comparison, Singles’ Day is relatively young: it has been established as a shopping holiday less than 10 years ago. How big is it, then? In 2019 alone, the number of shoppers on Singles’ Day reached 500 million!

36%的中国人每周至少网购一次。 美国有黑色星期五,中国有双十一购物节。 不同的是, 黑五已经40年了,但是双十一是中国近10年来新创造的一个节日。 而这个节日有多盛大呢?去年双十一的消费者已经突破了5亿。

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