A party game in ancient China?

What did the ancient people play? Touhu, or the game of throwing arrows into a pot, where the loser required to drink as punishment, can be regarded as an important entertainment of that time. Touhu had been a part of the traditional etiquette and also a banquet game of the Han people from the pre Qin times to the end of Qing Dynasty, which was popular in the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. As the name suggests, the game of throwing pot is just like some entertainment games like playing cards at the drinking table for us modern people. We all know that Chinese people like to drink, and touhu was perfect for huge and lively parties.

However, the difference between touhu and the games we are playing now is that throwing pot is not only a game enjoyed by ancient scholar officials at banquets, but also also a special ceremony.

要问古代人玩什么?投壶可以算得上是一项重要的娱乐活动。投壶是从先秦延续至清末的汉民族传统礼仪和宴饮游戏,在春秋战国时期较为盛行。顾名思义,投壶游戏就像是我们现代人在酒桌上要玩的一些如纸牌一样的娱乐游戏,都知道中国人好饮酒,在古人推杯换盏、觥筹交错之时,投壶正好可以为宴饮气氛助一把力。 但是,投壶与我们现在玩的游戏不同之处在于,投壶不仅仅是古代士大夫宴饮时常常做的一种投掷游戏,它也是一种礼仪。

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