How many jobs did the delivery industry create?

Delivery service has been such an essential part of the daily life in China! Delivery service not only provide people the convenience of urban life, but also created a lot of working opportunities for people looking for employment opportunities in big cities. More people than ever are turning to gigging in the food delivery space. The high earning potential even attracted college graduates to join the army of delivery courier.

During the pandemic this year, delivery workers kept working hard on providing people with the convenience of door-to-door delivery. During the lockdown in Wuhan, doctors are working non-stop on the front line in the hospitals, and the delivery workers kept the delivery operations going. Some even volunteered to help deliver other critical resources. They are all angels among us, to whom we are all grateful for their services especially during times like this.

中国人的日常生活已经越来越离不开外卖,外卖行业不仅给上班的人提供了方便,还给大量来大城市打工的人提供了工作机会。收入的吸引力甚至让很多大学毕业生趋之若鹜。中国有700万个外卖骑手,其中21万本科生,7万硕士生。 在今年疫情期间,外卖骑手仍然坚持工作,给许多居家上班的人提供了很大的方便。在武汉封锁期间,医生在前线救人,他们坚持给医生送餐,有的还当志愿者帮忙运送物资,他们也是平凡而伟大的超级英雄。

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