How many rockets has China launched so far?

“In today’s world, if China does not possess the ability to go into space independently, it is like not being able to build a ship in the Age of Discovery. If we don’t engage in space exploration, we will miss out on the beauty of space.” said Li Dong, chief designer of the Long March-5 launch rocket. on July 23, 2020, the Long March 5 rocket lifted the Tianwen-1 Mars probe into space, creating a beautiful arc across the azure sky. If successful the spacecraft will arrive at Mars in February 2021. To some extent, the capability of the space industry represents a country’s industrial development. The Mars probe is the first step of China’s planetary exploration project, and the coming launching mission has been highly recognized and supported by the international community. Despite previous failures, China’s space exploration program embodies a great optimism – never be afraid of return to ground zero and start over again even in face of greater challenges.

“当今这个世界,如果中国没有独立自主地进入空间的能力,就好像大航海时代不能造船。如果我们不搞航天,将会错过太空。”长征五号运载火箭总设计师李东回答。2020年7月23日,长征五号遥四火箭托举火星探测器奔向太空,化作一道优美的弧线划过蔚蓝的天空,以11.2千米/秒的速度将火星探测器送入地火转移轨道。 某种层面上来说,航天工业的能力在一定程度上代表了一个国家基础工业的实力,而中国火箭的精神是——时刻归零,迎接更大挑战。

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