How many kind of Baozi are there in Chinese food?

37 different kinds! The most popular steamed buns (Baozi) among the Chinese people are: baked buns, custard buns, BBQ pork bun, small soup dumplings, soup dumplings, crystal buns, water pan-fried bun, crab bun, three ding bun, broken crispy bun, red bean paste bun.

Also, Baozi are also popularized among other cultures surrounding China as well, and the buns are well-integrated into the local cuisines. In the Philippines there is “Siopao”, which looks like the Mantou bun but has pork chicken, mutton, shrimp, duck eggs and so on as filling. In Japan, they are called “中华まん”, where まん(man)came from 馒” (man) in Mantou, and the most common filing is pork. In Mongolia, the buns are called “Бууз” (buuz), most commonly eaten with mutton filling and sometimes yak. In Vietnam they have “bánh bao” that is slightly flatter than “Baozi”. They use pork onions, mushrooms, eggs, and vegetables as their filling.

37种。其中最受中国人欢迎的包子分别为:烤包子、奶黄包、叉烧包、小笼包、灌汤包、水晶包、水煎包、蟹黄包、三丁包、破酥包、豆沙包。 另外,包子在中国周围的其他民族中也广为流传,并且发展成有自己特色的包子:在菲律宾有烧包(Siopao),外形如馒头,内馅以猪肉、鸡肉、羊肉、虾仁、鸭仔蛋等;在日本,包子叫作中华まん,まん(man)源于“馒头”的“馒”,最常见的是猪肉馅;在蒙古,包子称作Бууз(buuz),多用羊肉丝做馅,有时也用犛牛肉;在越南,包子叫做饼包(bánh bao),内馅用猪肉、洋葱、蘑菇、鸡蛋、蔬菜等制作。

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